How to Send Feedback Email to Omegle

Omegle had been a popular site for anonymous video chat as well as text chat. The main feature of the chat service provider is that your identity is kept anonymous and you do not have to register on the site. At the same time, another advantage of the site is that you can talk to a stranger.

But the site also comes with a disadvantage as the server doesn’t provide any security and it has been reported that the website has also been used by predators as well and the warning is clearly stated on the home page of the application.

The video chat feature also offers complete anonymity to the user but as per the terms and conditions, a user can’t resort to nudity or inappropriate behavior during the chat. If something like that happens, the user gets blocked. Since the user doesn’t register for the site, the IP of the user is actually blocked by the community moderators.

It is not possible to monitor each and every chat hence the moderators use a set of complex algorithms to protect you from such cases. There had also been some cases when the person was blocked without any reason but most of the times there had been a violation of terms and conditions. For this, check out different methods to get unbanned from Omegle.

Steps to Send Feedback

  1. Visit Omegle website and Navigate to bottom of the page.
  2. At bottom of the page, you will find “Send Feedback to Omegle Staff“. Click on the link, fill and feedback form and click on Send Feedback form.
  3. It is important to ensure that you have mentioned you IP Address in the form.

omegle email contact

Note: The bad news is that Omegle has stopped accepting feedback or email from any user. Earlier, they had a link at a bottom of the page wherein the accepted feedback and they often used to unblock the users but at present, the link has been removed by the Omegle administrator and hence there is no way to get in touch with the administrators.

The best thing to do if you have been blocked is to use a VPN proxy sites to obtain a proxy IP and continue the use of the server.


  1. Hi I was using omegle through many cam things were perfect for a I keep getting the captcha overtime I try to do anything.

  2. Omegle’s finding it difficult to look for people with no black screen lately, some of them i meet lag a lot. This kind of issue has already happened in August if i can remember it well. Can you fix it, please?

  3. Why would you remove the only way to contact admins? It really pisses me of that I have no way to get rid of the Captchas that take 20 seconds to solve for a 0.5 second video “chat.”

  4. I don’t understand why I have to do a captcha every time I want to talk to someone… Does Omegle think I’m a bot or a scammer?! From my conversations one can see, that I’m a human being…

  5. I think that it’s unnecessary and unfair for live people to have to go through that long and monotonous verification process over and over again, then to have it start all over again to prove that we’re not bots, yet bots are STILL there……Please do something about that.

  6. hi I don’t want to verify myself every time because I had to do it more than 20 times to talk to a person

  7. I think its completely childish for Omegle and how they run there site they don’t listen to people and or care about customer service for anyone and constantly wrongfully ban people when there are actually people on there who deserve to banned from Omegle forever but yet they just bang anyone they want whenever terrible site very stupid if I could rate Omegle on costumers service or anything about how its ran I would 100% give it a 1 star START CARING AND listening TO YOUR COSTUMERS.

  8. I was banned for skipping people that had their areas out. I just want to meet new people on here but I can’t if I’m banned for things I didn’t do. Please unban me I know I didn’t do anything wrong here

  9. i’ve been getting banned for absolutely no reason at all. Every time i’ve been patient and waiting for the bans to end. Now i’m starting to get bothered by it because i’m not doing anything and they’re multiple pervs and stuff that SHOULDN’T be on this website!!! yet they’re always on and NEVER banned. Now I can’t even email them and talk to them about my ban because they removed their email off the site. So omegle, if you do see this. Please I just want to get unbanned!

  10. al aministratore omegle io sono tony sono uno che ballo e metto canzoni insu omegle tandi udenti mi cercano per ascoltare musica ho tanti fan che mi mi sequano se mi tate oportinita di rimanere suhttps:\\ruletka io faro ingrandire omegle con tanti udenti cosi arriviamo come utente oltre 180.670 io vi ringrazzie omegle quando voi vetete scritto io mi chiamo tony sono io se potete farmi parlare con udenti cosi io vi faro ingrandire il vostto sito omegle con oiu udenti vi ringrazzio a voi del sito e anche un ringrazzio all aministratore del s sito un saluto a tutti voi da me che io mi chiamo tony \\ se voi vedete suklla scritura su omegle io mi chiamo tony sono io un saluto a tutti voi e grazzie se potete farmi parlare con più ragazze cosi io vedro di far ingrandire sempre di più la chat \https:\\ io sono tony dj che faccio ascpltare musica che molti udenti fan mi seguano qui se mi date upurtinita di avere più ragaze e parlare con loro fate che le ragazze si fermano e parlanne con loro a mi piace che omegle diventa la chat più bel del mondo con tante ragaze e ragazzi vi saluto a voi staff e aministrazione omegle un bacione a voi tutti da me musica

  11. Something is wrong with Omegle’s site. All of a sudden it’s not letting me switch cameras from my integrated cam in my laptop to my external cam…it was working a few weeks ago and now will not…no matter which cam I select it still activates the integrated cam in my laptop. I have tested all the other “random” sites and have no issues with them. Two weeks ago, I used Omegle and had no issues, so this is something new that has popped up on the site, bug, whatever and needs to be addressed…I wish there was a way to contact them.

    I have cleared my cache and everything, and have tested with 4 different browsers…it does the same thing with every browser I use. Now I have to disable the integrated cam in device manager, in order to force the site to use my Logitech external cam.

    Really annoying!

  12. I am 25 years old and using Omegle on 16 September around 3:30 AM. I don’t know how I am banned in Omegle on 16 September at 4:30 AM. Your service and your website are so bad and i just doing entertainment activities like making horror faces naturally and no vulgar and no abuse and no nude. Please remove and unbanned from Omegle site. It’s my humble request.

  13. Please relocate the refresh button on Omegle for phones cuz I don’t wanna keep skipping people accidentally who I’ve had a great convo with.

  14. Hi! So, Omegle is great. But, I was banned and I think it was because of copyrighted music? I was playing music in the other room, and that is the only reason that I can think of. I think this may be a reason others have been banned too? But it’s been over 3 months now, and I was just wondering if you can unban me? thanks!! 🙂

  15. No use omegle sites Monday to Sunday only connect boys. Boring service. Only once not connected girls. Very poor service. Only dick showing boys connected. Please keep good service. Please connect girls Omegle. Office tension uses Omegle but again bored because of only boys. Well you clear wait and see

  16. Now a days no use omegle .lot times complain u.but not use. Only connect boys omegle. Please contact girls. Very poor service more than 5 times complaints to u. How many times u taking solve problems. This is last time please clarify my problem. Am use on android phone

  17. No use omegle sites boring. Only connect boys. Lot of time compliance but no use .morning time few girls connections. But nigh time no use only boys connected. Am not show my nude body but block girls please resolve my problem. Please keep good service

  18. hello only connect boys evening night times please connect girls and boys both please rectify my problem. lock down time boring. please request to u connect girls don’t hide

  19. now im using omegle sites boring only connect boys please equally connect boys and girls don’t hide girl’s. please connect girls waiting for u r responding

  20. please don’t hide girl’s morning to evening only connect boys. no one girl’s connect me. please solve my problem. request to u waiting for good response. please don’t hide girls

  21. For the person who made the captcha on that Omegle, shame on you and you deserve to die because spammer and bots still there

  22. I was randomly banned while a new stranger was loading. I was not violating any guidelines. This has happened multiple times and I’m getting pretty pissed off. I am constantly getting banned yet paedophiles with their dicks out who aren’t on the unmoderated section are doing just fine. All I want is to have conversations with new people. I’m begging you to bring back customer service and update the damn site so it stops banning at random.

  23. I have been banned for no reason, I was in a chat with someone, normal chat, it was funny and nice and then a ban from nowhere?!?! I don’t understand it. Please unban me

  24. I am extremely pissed off!!!!some random person using this website has been giving out my snap chat and sending photos of me to random strangers! It is terrifying to know this person has been doing this for months and I’m only now finding out this is where it’s coming from! Get rid of photo options AT LEAST I don’t want another god damn stalker! And the fact I can’t contact anyone about this is absolute BS. I’m a minor if that makes any difference!

  25. Hello I am having a problem with your college chat when I try to register I get the following error

    Tech error. Sorry. local variable ‘DNS referenced before assignment 🙁

    Can you please send me a verification using the email I use here?

  26. Hi now days only boys connecting me . Why block girls. I don’t know. Im not show ugly. But why hide girls. Please remove girls block. Please this is my request

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  28. Morning time connects girls but why nighttime does not connect girls. Now I’m using Omegle. Around 60, thousand online but no one girl connect me please remove my block evening to night time, please. Otherwise, I’m not using Omegle

  29. In the last year, Omegle has become almost un-useable because of the bots that try to get you to go to Kik and sell you whatever. It’s incredibly annoying and disappointing. It’s impossible to meet people. I’ve tried so many different tags and it happens to all of them. There must be a way to stop people from setting up these automatic response things. I don’t know if there’s any motivation since it’s not a paysite and there is no advertising. Maybe they just don’t care. Sad. Nothing at Omegle anymore but bots.

  30. Why block and banned I don’t know few people reporting me without reason. Please help me u . No one girls connected me. Boring only dick showing boys connect me . Please remove blocks 50 thousand people online no one girls connect please help me please. Please remove my block

  31. omegle mods will literally show people and then ban them. I don’t think you’re going to find integrity anywhere on that site.

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