Fix Omegle Camera/Video not Working or Loading Problem

Omegle is a very popular video chatting software where one can chat with a random stranger through video conferencing. Over the past few years, Omegle has earned lots of popularity ranking across different reviewing platforms.

Users prefer Omegle for some fun time with people they don’t really know, and this has even got on serious levels like two person getting into a relationship with each other after they got to know each other on Omegle.

omegle video not working error

However, whatever levels of affection of people you get in through Omegle, your webcam needs to work in the first place. Video Camera not working in Omegle is a common issue that we have come across, and we have come up with potential solutions to this issue.

Before you Begin

Check on with few criteria before you get into the troubleshooting. Omegle is a resource hungry platform and if you are running low on any of them, Omegle video chat might not load properly.

  • Disable any ad-blocker app that you might have installed. Such programs often consider Omegle to be an ad-aware. Or, exclude Omegle in your ad-blocker’s exclusion list.
  • If you have bandwidth constraints, check the bandwidth you are getting through or some other similar tools. You should have at least 2 Mbps speed for smooth video conferencing.
  • Make sure Omegle isn’t a blocked service on your region by the controlling authorities.

If all of these give a positive answer, proceed to the following troubleshooting:

1. Update Adobe Flash

If you are using any internet browsing other than Google Chrome, then the browser would be using the Flash player installed on your computer. Only Google Chrome has a proprietary Flash player which is out of user’s concern, but for every other internet browser it is the user’s headache. Try updating the Adobe Flash player and try again with Omegle video chat.

For this, Go to control panel and search for “flash player setting”. Now just delete the local storage in flash.

2. Ensure Webcam Access

If Camera is not working in omegle, make sure first allow omegle access your video camera from right side of the video screen. Close any other programs that may be using the webcam.

A webcam can only be accessed by one program on your computer, if the webcam is already occupied by some other program then Omegle won’t be able to use it. If Make sure the webcam is vacant before you access Omegle.

3. Clear Browser Cookies

Although this is highly unlikely to happen, still clear the browser cookie if you are having a black screen on the Omegle window. Clearing the cookies might solve some browser related conflicts and resolve the issue you are having.

4. Fix your Firewall

Some firewall programs might take the Omegle platform as an intruder program and block all internet data transactions to and from Omegle resulting in a blank video screen.

To resolve the issue, open your firewall program and in the list of excluded sites/apps/programs, add Omegle’s URL or ports, whichever applies.

5. Switch Internet Browser

The problem with your computer and Omegle could be a browser oriented issue as well.

For example, Google Chrome users have reported some issues with Omegle and Chrome whereas on other browsers Omegle works just fine. You might try switching the browser.

6. Clear Omegle from Macromedia site

Go to macromedia website storage setting panel and simply delete omegle from there solves many issues.


Solutions mentioned above should resolve Omegle video issues. If it doesn’t, the problem is probably with your internet service provider.


  1. Hi, I use your site very often. There are times when people favor the skipping button too much, and I end up having to fill captchas. This is unpleasant and I am not a spammer nor am I a robot. Please take this off.

  2. I started talking to someone for about 3 hours and now i gotta clarify i am really every time. but now my webcam is not working.

  3. hi I just got on omegle, I have my cam it’s working but the stranger’s cam is not it just shows a grey screen box my cam is working also I notice I don’t have the mute option or camera option down.

  4. hi I just got on Omegle, I have my cam it’s working but the stranger’s cam is not it just shows a grey screen box my cam is working also I notice I don’t have the mute option or camera option down.


  5. hello, 2021, I have an issue with the video chat button, it keeps showing a grey loading screen, I have seen that with man users, what can I do to solve it please it is very annoying, months ago it was working fine but only on high-speed bandwidth, now not.

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