How to fix Omegle Error Connecting to Server Problem

Internet, the biggest source to connect, communicate, research and meet new people has extended its wings to several online chatting sites that help you get connected and attached to the people all around the world. Being one of the most popular sources of entertainment, one can find several sites where they not only can connect to their friends but also to strangers. One such popular name is Omegle.Omegle is good and a top notched web based chatting site that lest you talk and get connected to strangers. Just like other big social networking platform, this site too allows to you meet and make friends in the online world.

However, there are times when one can come across to face server connection or captcha problems or just can connect to server for unknown reasons. Though it is a minor glitch within the site on which Omegle team is working upon. The “Omegle error connecting to server…Please try again!” is a common message which most of us have seen sometime or other on our laptop or computers.

While most of us have a perception that we cannot fix such sever errors at user end, it is a myth! You might also sometime face Video camera loading problems. To all such server related problem, there are few troubleshooting methods we have researched and curated here for you! These are easier and very general method of fixing the error loading problem. Since the problems are minor and can sometimes not from the sever side, hence you can fix them with the below mentioned simple steps.

Search Engine you are using

Might be possible you are facing the connection to server problem due to the search engine you are using and hence server connection being displayed on your screens. All you have to do is to just change the search engine and try out some new search engines. If you are currently switched to using Google or Yahoo then you can start using Bing or any other. This might help to resolve your problem.



Browser in Use

Browsers creating the connection issues problems are also not ruled out. Opt for changing the browser and try connecting through it. This means, if you are using Google chrome, and then try to connect via Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini. However, the site works best on Google Chrome and hence it is suggested to use the same for connection purposes.

Internet Connection Problems

This problems might be also be related to your Internet connection. Reset your internet connection first. If the problem persists even then you can go further steps:

  • Clean and Clear all the cookies from your browser and then reconnect to the Omegle again. Even if problem appears check out the next step.
  • Change your web browser. Recommended option for Omegle is Google Chrome as it gives out the best performance and support to video chat sites. However, if you are currently using Google Chrome itself then you can try on Mozilla Firefox or any other browser.
  • Check out your firewall settings as they are the most common connection related problems for most of the app related websites. If something is notified related to Omegle, then unblock it and retry.
  • Try to uninstall or deactivate the installed antivirus from your laptop or device and also take a look at anti-virus firewall settings.
  • Another tried and tested method for resolving this problem is to install the Google VPN service, Hola which is available free for download. It’s simple to install.

Even if you are unable to resolve the Omegle server connecting issue, you can write your problem to us and we will try to provide you with the solutions.


  1. omegle keeps saying error connecting to server. Please try again. Is my account got banned . If yes then How to solve it.

  2. I am using my phone, and I am using omegle for a month. And it was okay before, but suddenly I’ve encountered the problem “Error connecting to server.Please try again.” I’ve tried all the suggestions that can fix that problem. Like changing the Search Engine, using another browser, clearing all cookies and data etc.,unplugging our modem and plug it again and even using the Hola. I’ve change every countries there but its still doesn’t work. Please help me. What should I do to fix that problem?

  3. I am from Philippines and I’ve been using omegle in my phone and on my computer for a month now and it suddenly stopped working indicating “Error connecting to server. Please try again.”. I’ve tried all of this solutions but it didn’t work for me as well. Please help me fix this problem.

  4. ever since my laptop did a windows updating, this happened. they asked to “Please complete the security check to access” from every search engine i have, they never asked me that before the updating. i usually using microsoft edge, but apparently that doesn’t working on another browser too.

  5. ive tried to connect from 5 different computers from 5 different locations, had friends try and they are all getting the error hmmm

  6. it was working fine with my previous internet connection. this problem started happening on both my laptop and phone when I started using another internet connection.

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