How to Get Unbanned From Chat Alternative

Meeting new people over random chat portals happen to be fun, and with the modern portals random video chatting is somewhat safe too. There are plenty of programs that offer this feature, however Chat Alternative is a new and popular random video chatting platform which is free and anyone within the permitted age limit can use.

Like all these websites, Chat Alternative has some rules and regulations and every user is bound to follow these rules. Being unable to conform to the Terms of Service policy could result in ban from Chat Alternative.

If you hadn’t understood the serious stuff while you started video chatting and earned yourself a ban, then you should make some efforts to get unbanned from Chat Alternative platform.

chat alternative ban

Fortunate enough, a user doesn’t need to go through the hectic procedures of appealing to Chat Alternative for unbanning them from the server. Instead, few little tweaks on user’s own computer would do the job.

How Chat Alternative Ban Works

Basically, Chat Alternative only bans your IP so when you make an attempt to violate the terms of service. If you are on dynamic IP, chances are the service will re-open to you once you reconnect the internet to your PC.

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However, this isn’t any more an easy way to avoid ban from various platforms like Chat Alternative, and users might have to download tools like a proxy server or an app to unban Chat Alternative, depending on what platform the users are at.

Proxy Server for PC

If you are using Chat Alternative on computer, then using a proxy server can unban the restriction of using Chat Alternative on your IP address. You could use any proxy server client, but for easy and hassle free experience we would recommend using an extension for Google Chrome. Note that, Google Chrome offer the best experience on Chat Alternative.

  • After you download Google Chrome on your computer, clear all the caches.
  • Launch Google Chrome Web Store. The web store is located at
  • Find the search bar inside the web store. Here, you would be searching for a plugin that enables a proxy server on your Chrome browser.
  • Search for ‘Hola Better Internet‘ or ‘Zenmate‘. Add this extension to Google Chrome browser by following the on-screen procedures.
  • On Hola Better Browser extension, select a country to activate the proxy server. Follow same for Zenmate and any other proxy services.
  • Launch Chat Alternative, it should work now.

On a Smartphone

If you use Chat Alternative on a smartphone platform like iphone, iOS or Android, you would need a VPN program from the respective app store.

  • For iOS, find Hotspot Shield in App Store.
  • For Android, you could search the same in Google Play Store.
  • Search with the keyword VPN and a lot of free programs should pop up in both app stores.
  • Download the VPN program, configure and run.
  • Then launch Chat Alternative. It should run now.


Although getting unbanned from Chat Alternative platform isn’t really a difficult task, we would not recommend a user violating the policies to get banned over and over again.


    • i have been flagged as a bot. i m not a bot i love using chatalternative please remove the captha thing i just wanna use the site

  1. Hi ! There is a solution, it works with Chatalternative Android’s app. I don’t know for other platform.
    In order to use this “trick” on recent Android systems (6.x or 7.x), you have to accept access to the storage (enabled by default) for Chatalternative’s app. This is really simple, but you just have to respect exactly the spell of the forders. No need to root or unlock something on your Android ! Ready ? GO !

    – Close Chatalternative’s app (kill the app in recents apps)
    – Install a file manager with access to hidden files ( i.e. : ES explorer on play store), you have to activate it in the settings of the file manager
    – Open the file manager (with hidden files enabled) and go to your internal storage or sdcard root, it depends your system
    – Remove theses 4 hidden folders :


    This is exactly these folders, no others !
    It works everytime you’re banned, just remove them and reopen Chatalternative.
    Please, be gentle with others ! Have fun !

      • No, these files are created by chatalternative. If your phone is not rooted, you can’t remove system files, only your storage files (internal SD or SDcard). But since last version 6.2.4, you have to clear application’s data in settings or remove then install app to get unban. It works every time 🙂

  2. They infringe the UE privacy law by displaying the picture taken for the ban to whom having the IP… if you have a dynamic one (most of the time), the next user will get the ban and see the picture. If the guy or the girl (any chance) is banned for obcene content, they will display it to the next IP user, witch may be a minor… By doing so, they may be held responsible for displaying pornography to a minor and should be prosecuted to the maximum extend under the law.

  3. Omegle, chatalternative and etc. It’s a disgusting app and needs to be restricted, banned for goood

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