How to Make an Omegle Bot

Omegle is currently one of the most popular roulette chatting platforms. In Omegle, people get to pick a random partner to have a conversation with, either in voice channels or through video chatting.

It is fun because the other side is completely unknown and totally random picked. One side does not get to know who the other side would be – and this suppressed tension in fact makes the whole experience a lot better.

Omegle authorities make sure the platform is being used for decent conversation, thus a lot of young people and teenagers actually love Omegle over a lot other roulette chatting platforms.

omegle bot

One way to customize Omegle is to add a custom bot to it. It’s easy but requires few lines of Python coding. No worries, as the coding is already prepared – one only needs to put the code in the right place.

Follow these steps to Make an Omegle Bot

  1. Python is required to make an Omegle bot. Using Google, navigate to Python website and download the latest distribution. Also, look for Pyomegle Update script using Google and download the latest version available. These are all the files required.
  2. Now, using Python Interpreter supplied in the Python distribution the Pyomegle script could be run and modified.
  3. If you know coding in Python, you could actually go through the codes in the script and make necessary changes. Even if you don’t, learning Python should not take long for enthusiasts.
  4. And even if that does not work for you, simply look for some online resources; ready-made and instantly usable through the Python Interpreter.
  5. Once you are done preparing the Omegle bot, run it on the Python Interpreter. To close the bot, simply close Python Interpreter.


Omegle bots could carry on some conversation with someone for a while, but for the best roulette chatting experience out there, one should be actually present in front of the Omegle UI.

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