5 Omegle Alternatives: Similar Sites to Omegle with More Girls

Omegle is a site that allows users to do video chat. This is one of the most popular sites for video chat and thousands of users use it. The site is known for constantly managing the network traffic over the years. According to Alexa, this site is one among the top 5000 sites and is still on the rise.

The site is also used by celebrities in order to obtain a higher ranking of popularity and give them away for growth. Another key factor is that this site is available in various languages using Google translate and helps users connect to people with similar interests. Many similar/alternatives to Omegle are doing great business on the internet.omegle alternatives

List of Top 5 Omegle Alternatives 2018

1. Chatroulette

Omegle was started by a young developer and it took off at the same time as that of the Chatroulette. Both have many features in common and became popular as they grew. Both the sites were amongst the top three sites for video chat.

Chatroulette is a site where people get to interact with new people and make friends. This site is very popular and many other alternative sites with similar features have taken place in the market. A few of them which are alternatives to Omegle are as under. You can also check sites like chatroulette for more fun.

chatroulette chat logo

2. Mnogochat

Mnogochat is also a popular alternative site for video chat. The users can get access to the most popular video chats all over the world since it has a huge collection of chats.

mnogochat omegle

Some of the other services include making a list of friends so that they could be met easily upon subsequent hits. Hence this site is considered as one of the best webcam chat with options of using various languages as well.

3. Bazoocam

Bazoocam is also one of the oldest omegle alternatives available. Most of the users who use this site are French. This site was first started as French chat roulette and later started in other European countries as well.

bazoocam logo

This site is ranked in the top 10 of all random chat sites. The only problem with this site was with its advertising. Many cams were found to be either fake or meant for advertising.

4. Chatrandom

Chatrandom is another omegle alternative that is very popular because it is very user friendly and has a bigger display of the video screen. Once the user clicks on start button we can allow the webcam to operate and clicking on next button takes us to a new user.

Another key feature in Chatrandom is that it has an option to choose the country with users who own a webcam. With all these similar features this site is growing at a faster pace and the creators are being appreciated for their new innovations.

5. Imeetzu

Imeetzu is another site which is an Omegle alternative. The users on this site have a social networking option. Apart from this, there is also online dating by which users can stay in touch with friends.

imeetzu chat

There is a setting by which the user can auto start by checking a box on the site. This helps in immediately connecting to a new chat when one ends.

This is the list of best omegle alternatives on the web where you can get thousands of online users at any instant. Let us know via comment, which website you liked most. You can try our list of omegle like sites.


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